Vagabond Diaries

After proposing the idea of creating styled look books featuring the newest additions in the collection to Jeni, owner of Found Vintage Rentals, our first look book was quickly underway. My concept for this shoot was a tale of rugged yet whimsy travelers. They’re a mystery to those who don’t live a life on the move, collecting as they go, and only settling for pockets of time. I wanted this shoot to reveal a certain quality of the collection. I wanted to display that each piece has history and a prior life. The cabinet used as a dessert display at your wedding once house the family china. The chairs at your sweetheart table were prayed in every single night. Each piece brings with it the life it had. This is why we decided to leave out models in the shoot. We wanted to leave an element of mystery in who these people were.

As Jeni and I began styling the pieces the day of the shoot, we decided that Found’s favorite dog, lucy, would be our only model to bring some life to the look book. Since, we’ve decided that Lucy will find a way to insert herself into each Found look book.

Check out a few favorite photos from the shoot and head over to Found to view all of Vagabond Diaries


Studio_EMP-2854 Studio_EMP-2873 Studio_EMP-2921 Studio_EMP-2945 Studio_EMP-2953 Studio_EMP-2841 Studio_EMP-3020 Studio_EMP-2998 vintage_wedding-2150


  • Found Vintage Rentals
  • Studio EMP Photography

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