I’m a born and raised LA native. I’m a constant explorer of this city and am always inspired by it, whether finding a new restaurant or amazing space. I am an animal lover and tend to crumble at the sight of any furry friend. Design-wise, I seem to have an obsession with chairs. They are the first thing I tend towards and I always find a new (or old) one that I want! More of my favorites? A good cup of coffee and a great book, my not so little brother, cooking up a storm, dressing up, the witty remarks and ballads of Ryan Adams, unique design – whether branding, architecture, or display, whiskey, a blustery day, and cheese of every kind…

My largest passion is creating and encountering beauty, whether that means taking ordinary things and arranging them in a stunning way or creating harmony and elegance where there was none. I’ve learned to find this beauty in more than just what I see, but in everything. I know when I encounter it because my whole self feels alive.

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the world!

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Photo by Studio EMP


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